Heart-Centered Leaders Summit

Terms & Conditions for The Heart-Centered VIP Expereince Upgrade Registration

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. These Terms and Conditions serve as your contract for participation in the upgraded VIP Experience in the Heart-Centered Leaders Summit (hereinafter, “the VIP Upgrade”), which is created and operated by MC Tesseract, LLC.

In the following Terms and Conditions, the term “Operator” refers to MC Tesseract, LLC, along with that entity’s owners, officers, affiliates, employees, contractors, agents, successors, and assigns.

By registering for the VIP Upgrade, you are agreeing to all of the following:

  1. Terms for Free Summit Registration: All Terms and Conditions applicable to free Summit registration are equally applicable to your purchase of the VIP Upgrade and all content and activities associated with the VIP Upgrade. You can read those terms and conditions here. You agree that you are still bound by those terms and conditions, as well as all the terms and conditions set forth below.
  2. What’s Included in the VIP Upgrade: Upon registration in the VIP Upgrade, you will receive the following (in addition to what’s included with free registration):
    • Ongoing access to recorded presentations by approximately 20 expert speakers to help you grow your business (the “Summit Speakers”). Access includes video recordings, interview transcripts, and any downloads discussed in the interviews. Please note: the precise number, identities, subject matter, and schedule of the VIP Upgrade speakers is subject to change without notice.
    • Access to live Q&A sessions via videoconference with select Summit Speakers. These live Q&A sessions will be conducted from March 31 through April 3, 2022.
    • Access to live networking events via videoconference, such as 80’s Party. Morning Coffee, and Improv Experience. The precise number and schedule of the networking events are subject to change without notice.
    • Ongoing access to the “5 Step Delivery System Training & Templates” video series.
    • Ongoing access to the “How to Find, Train, and Manage a VA” training.
    • Ongoing access to recordings of seven interviews from the 2021 Heart-Centered Leaders Summit. Each interview recording is approximately 60 minutes.
    • Ongoing access to the “Liberate Your Life” online training.
  3. Email List: You understand that you may be added to one or more email lists in order to give you access to all the services listed above, and that you may need to confirm your subscription to the email list(s). If you do not join (or you unsubscribe from) the email list(s), you may not receive the links and other information required to access and participate in the VIP Upgrade fully.
  4. No Professional Services: No content of any type or in any format that you receive in the VIP Upgrade is intended to be professional services or advice. No part of the VIP Upgrade should be seen as a substitute for professional services or advice. Rather, all content and material provided to you are solely educational in nature. The Operator and Summit Speakers may take steps to ensure the educational nature of the content is maintained. You will not construe any content to be therapeutic, psychological, medical, financial, or legal services or advice.
  5. Consent to Recordings: You understand that, by participating in the Heart-Centered Vip Experience, you may be recorded on audio and/or video format. You consent to such recording and you consent to MC Tesseract, LLC using such recording for future training and/or educational purposes with clients, as well as internal review purposes so that we can improve the Heart-Centered Vip Experience. You are solely responsible for how you appear and/or sound on the calls and recordings. You agree to wear appropriate attire and to attend the calls in a location which is reasonably quiet and private. You will not use any virtual backgrounds containing any logos or other trademarked or copyrighted material that you do not own. If you use a virtual background containing trademarked, copyrighted, or proprietary material that you own, you hereby grant MC Tesseract, LLC an irrevocable license to display such material in the recordings.
  6. Respectful Behavior: You agree to act at all times with kindness and respect for Summit Speakers, the Operator’s staff, and all other Summit and VIP Upgrade participants. You will treat Summit Speakers, staff, and your fellow participants with common courtesy, and you will respect everyone’s privacy and confidentiality. The Operator has the right to dismiss you from part or all of the VIP Upgrade with no notice if you are disrespectful or disruptive during any live sessions or any other Summit or VIP Upgrade activities, or if you violate another participant’s confidentiality. You also agree to hold Operator and Summit Speakers harmless should another participant violate your confidentiality.
  7. No Refunds: You understand and agree that your access to the VIP Upgrade and its content is valuable and that implementing the content in your life and business requires time and effort on your part. You understand that your success depends upon many factors that may not be foreseeable and are outside of the Operator’s control. Therefore, all amount(s) you pay for the VIP Upgrade are non-refundable.
  8. Liquidated Damages: Should you prevail in any action against the Operator for any violation of these Terms and Conditions, you agree that a full refund of any amount(s) you paid for the VIP Upgrade will constitute liquidated damages, and you will not be entitled to any additional damages or amounts.
  9. Effective Dates: These Terms and Conditions are effective from the date on which you register for the VIP Upgrade through the earlier of: (a) you cancelling your participation or registration in the VIP Upgrade, (b) the Operator dismissing you from the VIP Upgrade, or (c) the stated end of all access and content associated with the VIP Upgrade.
  10. Complete Agreement. These Terms and Conditions, along with the Terms and Conditions applicable to free Summit registration, constitute the entire agreement between the parties with regard to the subjects discussed herein, These Terms and Conditions may not be modified except in writing in a document signed by you and the Operator. You may be required to agree to additional terms or conditions if you choose to purchase any additional upgrade or upsell.