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Day 2: Brilliant Ways to Grow Your Heart-Centered Community in 2022

Wednesday, March 17, 2021. Begins at 11 am ET/ 8 am PT

Session 1

Rachel Miller | Doable Tactics to Get Engagement And Grow a Brand to Reach 1 Million Fans and Beyond
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Serial online entrepreneur and mom of six kids, Rachel began as a “mom-blogger” and went on to build audiences ranging in the millions. She is a published author of multiple books that each sold more than 100,000 copies, and has been featured live on Good Morning America as well as in other national magazines and syndicated shows.  In January of 2017 she began teaching others how to craft their own viral content and has helped 4800 businesses grow engagement, 49 of those businesses got individual posts in front of more than 10,000,000 people following the tactics and strategies they learned.  You can find her at or in her Facebook Group, Grow Your Audience

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Session 2

Hafsa Taher | Growing Your Community Through Instagram
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Hafsa Taher is an Instagram Strategist and Coach. She’s the founder of IMPACT Experience – a 6 weeks Instagram training and Circle of IMPACT – a 12-month group coaching experience.

Selling on Instagram




Session 3

Ryan Eliason | Marketing as an Expression of Love
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Founder of Visionary Business School Ryan Eliason is on a mission is to empower socially conscious entrepreneurs to transform the world’s most pressing problems with purpose-driven, profitable businesses of their own.  Since 2011, well over 300,000 change makers have joined his Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network to learn and profit from his popular People, Planet, and Profit group business training programs that equip them with the tangible skills and mindset shifts needed to expand the reach and positive impact of their own powerful missions.

Recognized as one of the world’s top coaches for social entrepreneurs, Ryan has worked with over 7,200 satisfied clients from 85 countries and all 50 States through his results-focused and sold-out group training programs.  His debut book —The 10 Best Ways To Get Paid for Changing The World – How To Make A Lucrative Career Out of Profound Service — was downloaded 73,000 times within the first 14 days of its launch. 

Ryan’s commitment to making a difference in the world took root to grow early. As a teenager, Ryan co-founded Youth for Environmental Sanity which has since supported more than 675,000 young visionary leaders from 65 nations working on social change, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Ryan believes that business can be a powerful force for transformation, and his clients gladly carry that flag with the training he provides to support their high impact and sustainable success.

Ryan’s Client Attraction Mind Map

Session 4

Lavada Thompson | How to Increase Sales Using Facebook Ads
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Lavada Thompson, Product Launch Manager for Coaches and Consultants

Affectionately dubbed “Launch Queen” and “Conversion Diva,” Lavada Thompson is passionate about helping coaches, consultants, speakers, and service-based entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses online. She partners with her clients to create lucrative, leveraged streams of revenue so that they can make more money and serve more people while enjoying more time and freedom to do the things they love.

With Lavada’s support, her clients have collectively generated more than $2 million in online sales. One of her favorite all-time quotes is “Don’t worry that you’ll take a shot and you’ll miss. The fact is, you’ll miss every shot you don’t take.”


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