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Home 9 Day 1: Design a Launch Plan that supports your personality and style

Day 1: Design a Launch Plan that supports your personality and style

Tuesday, March 15, 2022. Begins at 11 am ET/ 8 am PT

Session 1

Rachel Miller | Pivoting to a Super Peaceful Launch Style
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Serial online entrepreneur and mom of six kids, Rachel began as a “mom-blogger” and went on to build audiences ranging in the millions. She is a published author of multiple books that each sold more than 100,000 copies, and has been featured live on Good Morning America as well as in other national magazines and syndicated shows.  In January of 2017 she began teaching others how to craft their own viral content and has helped 4800 businesses grow engagement, 49 of those businesses got individual posts in front of more than 10,000,000 people following the tactics and strategies they learned.  You can find her at or in her Facebook Group, Grow Your Audience

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Session 2

Cody Burch | Laid Back Launch
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In 2017 Cody Burch ditched his comfy 6-figure job in pursuit of entrepreneurial legacy.

He is on a mission to help 1,000 entrepreneurs gain Freedom Through Funnels. He does this via the FAM Freedom Path, taught in his books, online communities, and live workshops.

By day he runs a boutique digital agency, Red Anchor Marketing where he specializes in launching courses and membership sites for online experts, and by night he documents the wild journey on his podcast, Cody Builds a Business.

He left the red dirt hills of Oklahoma to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs in 2004 with his wife Christy and 3 strapping sons, Jacob, Luke, and Ben, and his lazy, retired racing greyhound, Zeke.

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Session 3

Stasha Washburn | Bloody Genius: Launching Your Business in Flow
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Stasha Washburn is The Period Coach, the bloody kind not the grammar kind. Founder of Period Coaching School, certifying coaches to incorporate menstrual cycles in their work, and author of The Revolution Will Be Bloody, Stasha is also a dancer, cook, sword fighter, tai chi practicing, speaker, skateboarder, INTJ, foul-mouthed, football-loving, digital nomad. Basically pinning her down is nearly impossible. She’ll go anywhere as long as there’s a tea kettle and WiFi. A Certified Holistic Health Coach and 20+ years of research have fueled her passion to reconnect women to the power in their period. Stasha is leading the bloody revolution to end the taboo of menstruation worldwide. No longer whispers in bathrooms, she’s leading powerful public discussions.

Create Your Own Menstrual Ritual

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Session 4

Kricket Harrison | Stand Out and Stay Relevant: Speaking and Messaging for Launching your Business
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Kricket Harrison is a Performance and Communication expert working with businesses to grow their bottom line faster through speaking and presentations. As a professional speaker, Kricket is known for her dynamic and interactive presentations on the human side of business.

Kricket has over 20 years of experience as a business-owner and has worked with over 400 individuals on speaking and messaging in the past 6 years.  Kricket also works with clients on executive presence, leadership communication, employee engagement, and overall team performance. Kricket is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. She served on the Board of Directors for the Georgia NSA Chapter for 3 years and is incoming Co-Chair of the Power Women of NSA. She also served as a Premier Success Coach for eWomen Network and is currently on the Board for Catholic Charities Atlanta as Director of Mission Advancement.

Clients and audiences include: State Farm, CDC, Ernst & Young, Sherlock’s, Catholic Charities Atlanta, eWomen Network, What Women Want, ProWIN, AIWN, ABWA and more.

Kricket resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband of 29 years and their 2 dogs. She is a mom to 3 grown children living in 3 different states.  When not speaking, Kricket can be found on the tennis court, swimming, or riding her Peloton

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Session 4

Dorene Olsen | Wanna Build a Snowman? Super Essential Keys for Successful Product Launch
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Branding is so much more than your logo…and the precursor to ALL effective marketing.

Known as The Brand Builder and Accelerator, Dorene Olsen has sparked double digit growth in more than 40 multi-million dollar and iconic brands. 

Dorene helps you bring soul, story and structure into your business with proven frameworks and methods, helping you turn your business into a brand you love.

“When people see their inner self in their outer work they own their identity, feeling undeniably confident in what they are meant to do and excited about their personal possibility they have in our world” shares Dorene.

Her 1:1 Half Day Speed Sessions and courses help intention-driven visionaries and creatives fast-track their ideas to the masses without losing time using her signature brand building program available online, in-person and at seasonal luxury retreats.

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Session 4

Meredith Canaan | Win Prizes Post #lightbulbs

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  1. Kiva Fecteau

    #lightbulb Aha moment from Rachel Miller’s interview: Build your launch style in alignment with yourself. Don’t push for goals that other people say you should go for if that’s going to burn you out.

  2. Kiva Fecteau

    #lightbulb Aha moment from Cody Burch interview: Humble brag about what you’ve accomplished, address the gap you see in the marketplace and how that conflicts with what you see as your mission in the world, then invite people into the solution.

  3. Kiva Fecteau

    #lightbulb Aha moment from Stasha Washburn interview: Celebrate according to the phase you’re in, and that can be set to the new moon/full moon cycle.

  4. Kiva Fecteau

    #lightbulb Aha moment from Kricket Harrison interview: Body language – your eyes tend to go up and to the right when you’re trying to remember something you forgot, and down and to the left when you’re reaching for something from which you can create what you need.

  5. Kiva Fecteau

    #lightbulb Aha moment from Dorene Olsen interview: Take time, when you first have a big idea, to play with what your intentionality can create around it; capture the momentum!

    • Dorene

      Exactly! Capture the energy and feel of the moment to bring momentum!

  6. Kevin Cook

    I got a #lightbulb moment from Kricket when she said your answer to “What do you do?” should be as natural as having a conversation at the grocery store or your kid’s school event. You can rehearse a few key words and phrases, but don’t try and deliver a canned memorization because it will sound that way and you’ll still trip over your tongue. Just respond to the moment spontaneously and speak from your passion. Plus, know your stories and be able to tell one. I learned this from another coaching group where we practice telling stories about things we learned or people we help. Shorter is better from 30 seconds to 2 mins.


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