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The 5 S’s of Growing Food

This guide will help you discover potential, and yes maybe, hidden growing areas around your home today. No need to wait till you retire, or move to a bigger place to start growing delicious, medicinal, nutrient-filled, fresh foods. No need to break the bank either. By discovering what growing conditions your house sits in now, you can grow with nature. Utilize one of your biggest assets: the home you have today. Small apartment, town-house, small back yard, front yard only, etc; if there is something growing outside you can be growing food. Learn these 5 principles to grow as nature does. Then treat each space as prime real estate. Grow greens and herbs that will help you heal, cook home-grown produce with family, or preserve some. Most of all enjoy all the benefits being outdoors gives you and the peace of mind YOU took charge of growing health for you!

5 Secrets to Master Stress

Leaders want the world to hear their message, but stepping into the spotlight can make a lot of us squirm. Many simply aren’t aware that it’s possible to channel stress and performance anxiety into focus, positive energy and success.

Learn how to thrive under pressure and get comfortable working outside of your comfort zone with the powerful yet simple steps in this ebook + video set. Susi shares the secrets of using a positive mindset to unleash success. This gift includes a free private Stress Buster Breakthrough strategy session to get clarity on your own sneaky stressors and tools you can use to feel more resilient.

Purple Thumb Program 4 Beginning Gardeners

Create an Organic Patio Container Garden In 4 Easy Steps

If you’re new to gardening or you’re a frustrated “killer of all things green,” and dream of growing healthy veggies and beautiful flowers on your patio, deck or balcony, this easy-to-follow guide is just the ticket! Get the inside scoop on some tried-and-true practices of long time, avid amateur and professional gardeners alike and get your own garden growing strong!

There’s nothing like picking that first bunch of lettuce or that first bowl of strawberries in the spring. As the season progresses, your organic container garden will fill with colorful flowers and tasty, wholesome veggies! You can cultivate an entire salad in just a few large, well-managed containers. And guess what… most flowers, fruits and veggies lend themselves to container gardening. With a little know-how, some creativity and a lot of loving care you can be gardening like a pro this summer!

A Beginner’s Guide to Herb Gardening

Learn to Grow, Use and Preserve Your Homegrown Herbs

This guide is designed to help the beginning gardener learn to grow, use and preserve their herb harvest. You will be guided in selecting the ideal location for your herb garden based on your personal surroundings. Learn to use your herbs in your daily life for teas, garnishes, meals and more. Preserve your harvest by using the four different methods included. This guide will help to make your herb gardening a pleasant and relaxing experience.