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20 Heart Centered Leaders help you launch profitable programs, products and memberships that serve your communities without having to sacrifice your values.

Free Event March 15th - 18th

Launch profitable programs, products and memberships that serve your heart-centered community while having a blast along the way.

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We are Launching Heart-Centered Products Programs and Memberships that create a world of service for the higher good of our community and thrive along the way.

Finding your kryptonite

Choose the best style of launch for you to grow and sustain your business

creates more growth

Create a heart-centered (Consent driven) approach to easily attract and convert people throughout your launch - no sleaze!

remove stumbling blocks

the right mindset and way of being to sustainably show up and shine throughout your launch creating success

bringing fun and enjoyment

Learn ways to maintain energy from prelaunch all the way through completion of your delivery so you avoid overworking and burnout

leave a lasting legacy

Leverage your team and systems so you can focus on your zone of genius throughout your launch

leave a lasting legacy

Remove any blocks around money, so you create a river of flowing abundance to hit your goals

Join the Heart Centered Leaders and launch your way to success

Free Event March 15th - 18 th with prizes and giveaways

During this free event these Heart-Centered Leaders will show you how to launch profitable programs, products and memberships that serve your heart-centered community while having a blast along the way.
SahiraMotion Equals Emotion - Using Creative Movement to Stay Centered and Sane During your Launch
Ryan Eliason
Ryan EliasonMoney Mindset and What's Necessary for a 7 Figure Launch
Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller Pivoting to a Super Peaceful Launch Model
Tash Corbin
Tash CorbinConsent Based Sales Practices
Anita Kaiser
Anita Kaiser How Your Nervous System is Keeping You from a Successful Launch
Stasha Washburn
Stasha WashburnBloody Genius: Launching Your Business in Flow
Garry Schleifer
Garry SchleiferHow to Create More Team with 3 Simple Steps
Christine St. Vil
Christine St. VilNo Candle Burning: Integrating Life and Launches
Claire Riley
Claire Riley Secret Source: Spicy Tips for Outsourcing Key Elements of Your Launch
Cody Burch
Cody BurchLaid Back Launch
Tom Bartels
Daniel Hanneman The 5D Launch - How to Relax and Manifest What You Truly Desire
Dorene Olsen
Dorene OlsenWanna Build a Snowman? Super Essential Keys for Successful Product Launch
Jess Keating
Jess Keating A Shamanic View of Creative Money and Launching
Kricket Harrison
Kricket HarrisonchStand Out and Stay Relevant: Speaking and Messaging for Launching your Business
Laurie Stirling
Laurie Stirling Efficiency for Entrepreneurs: Do Less to Achieve More
Dr. Matt Zakreski
Dr. Matt ZakreskiOpen your Own Doors: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome to have a thriving Neurodiverse Business
Melissa Pruit
Melissa Pruitt Prepare to Launch with Streamlined Systems
IdaSetting up the Sales for your Launch Using Reels & TikTok
Paul Pruits
Paul Pruitt Amplify Your Launch with Facebook Ads
Pavielle Bookman
Pavielle BookmanPurpose and Prosperity: Welcoming Wealth Through Your Purpose


Meredith Canaan
Meredith Canaan5 Steps to a Magical Offer that Converts Consistently

Plus All of the of Last’s year's Summit interviews will be available now until March 15th

Plus All of the of Last’s year's Summit interviews will be available now until March 15th

Stu McLaren
Stu McLarenHow to Launch Your Membership
Ryan Eliason
Ryan EliasonMarketing as an Expression of Love
Ann Gordon
Anne GordonDipping Our Toes Into the Waters of Collaboration
Garry Schleifer
Garry SchleiferHow to Create More Team with 3 Simple Steps
Chris Cade
Chris CadeA Present and Embodied Conversation
Stacey Murphy
Stacey MurphySuper Powers of Entrepreneurs
Dr. Joe Rubino
Dr. Joe RubinoThe Importance of High Self-Esteem for Values Based Leaders
Hafsa Taher
Hafsa Taher Growing Community through Instagram
Rachel Miller
Rachel Miller Doable Tactics to Get Engagement And Grow a Brand to reach 1 Million Fans and Beyond
Tash Corbin
Tash CorbinBuild Your Niched Messaging Ecosystem
Yen Verhoeven
Yen VerhoevenBringing Inclusivity And Diversity Into Your Business Practice
Jay Fiset
Jay Fiset JVology, The Perfect Mix of People, Fun and Profits
Tom Bartels
Daniel Hanneman Awakened Sales
Ben Salzman
Ben SalzmanYour Enneagram Type, Impact and Influence
Jennifer Terry
Jennifer TerryBringing Inclusivity And Diversity Into Your Business Practice
Ramona Zabriskie
Ramona ZabriskieRecruiting your Family's Partnership in Pursuing Your Dazzle
Sean Corvelle
Sean Corvelle How to Be Your Best and Discover Your Better
Lavada Thompson
Lavada ThompsonHow to Increase Sales Using Facebook Ads
Dawn Pensack
Dawn PensackTapping to Raise Your Financial Ceiling
Elaine Taylor-Klaus
Elaine Taylor-KlausEntrepreneurship with ADHD: Play to your Strengths and Outsource your Challenges
Julia Stege
Julia StegeBranding from the Heart
Stasha Washburn
Stasha WashburnThe Importance of Having a Business Bestie

About Your Host: Meredith Canaan

Meredith Canaan - Summit Host

I am a professional relationship, business and leadership coach with over 15 years of experience with clients from all over the globe. My journey started with a Leadership program based on love and communication, and teaching through gamification. When I discovered I had a gift in this area, my path changed from that of an entertainer to that of a leader. I am a seminar junkie, and knowledge seeker.

I have been studying love, relationships, business, spirituality and magic most of my life. I incorporate all this in to my program, Love then Lead.

As a child I started my acting career on stage in front of 1800 people everyday. I have performed on stages all over the world, from the intimate to the auditorium. I have had great performances, and nerves that had my leg shaking so loud it sounded like a tap dance.

I have developed all of the skills to be a great leader, facilitator, and speaker. I will help you tap into the essence of what will make you the great leader you dream of being. I have love, acceptance, forgiveness, and fun as foundations I bring with me. I will not let you get away with playing small and staying hidden, as I stand for you in your power and brilliance. I want to see you shine!

Meredith Canaan

Join the Heart Centered Leaders and let your true colors shine today